The 2017 IIHF WM Ticket Exchange is the official ticket resale platform of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Germany / France and an additional service for its fans. Owners of package-, day- or single game tickets may sell tickets, which they might not be able to use. From fan to fan – legal, secure, easy and at regular prices plus a handling fee.


The 2017 IIHF WM Ticket Exchange is the only authorized ticket resale platform of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. In consideration of the official regulations of the 2017 IIHF WM it permits trading of all tickets sold via the systems of the Official Ticketing Partner CTS EVENTIM.


The 2017 IIHF WM Ticket Exchange has responded to the typical risks of misuse in the sale of tickets on online platforms and has integrated numerous checkpoints that prevent fraud using forged tickets. So listed tickets can be recognised using the unique barcode number of each EVENTIM ticket, and verified as genuine tickets.

  • Guaranteed genuine tickets using the exclusive EVENTIM.ticketcheck
  • A unified express delivery with the tickets being collected directly from the seller, and continuous tracking until delivery, also makes the shipping process secure and transparent.
  • Only when the buyer has received the tickets is the purchase price paid out to the seller.


Using a platform specially designed for ticket sales, tickets are listed by the seller in the twinkling of an eye, and found and purchased by the buyer just as quickly. The integrated shipping service guarantees maximum security and at the same time reduces the effort of shipping to a minimum: all documents are printed out directly online. Customer service completes the Picture.

  • Automatic acceptance of all ticket and event data on entering the ticket barcode
  • Complete and automatic handling of the payment processes
  • Ticket shipping service from door to door, controlled directly through the platform