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TOGETHER FOR 2017: An overview of the sales phases of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

Don't miss any of the sales phases to ensure you get the right tickets for you!

The tickets are sold in various phases: It starts with various ticket packages that contain between 4 and 34 individual games. After the announcement of the official game schedule in summer 2016, there follows a first highlight in the sale of “Team Tickets” for the 14 guest teams. Then, in autumn 2016 the sale starts for Day Tickets, before Game Tickets will go on sale in 2017.  

Exclusive pre-sale phase - November 2015
In an exclusive pre-sale phase, a limited allocation for all group games of the two home teams has been sold through "Team Tickets Germany" and "Team Tickets France".
Sales phase 1 - February 2016
At the start of sales phase 1, all ticket offers independent of the fixture list go on sale. You can select between packages containing all games in an arena, Group Round Packages and Final Round Packages.
Sales phase 2 - Summer 2016
After the official game schedule is announced, a limited number of "Team Tickets" (Tickets for all seven group round games of a team) will additionally be offered in the second sales phase.
Sales phase 3 - Fall 2016
The sales of day tickets for all the 15 game days will start on September 27th 2016 10:00 am.
Sales phase 4 - Spring 2017
The sale of single game tickets for all games in PARIS will start on February 19th 2017 11:00 am. Single game tickets for COLOGNE will be launched on March 10th 10 am.